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Everything I do starts with the brand and what we’re selling. On the set I connect with my client and get a feel for what they want. Then I get to know the talent. I look at their face, their bone structure, hair color, eyes. For beauty and lifestyle assignments I work with the talent’s best features so the makeup becomes part of the face – not something they’re wearing, not something that distracts or calls attention to itself.


Hairstyle is a big part of the image we’re trying to convey. Once I understand what the client wants I look at the talent’s hair in context with everything else – the set, the light, the clothing and the accessories, the makeup. Everything has to work together. And it has to work with the talent’s hair. The color, the texture, the wave, how it naturally falls. These are the cues I follow to create the kind of styles the camera will love.


Styling is seeing how every tiny detail works to create the bigger picture. I can see a tiny wrinkle all the way across the set. There are a million things to adjust for the camera, and I not only have to be on top of them all, I have to be able to fix problems immediately. I’ve cut the backs out of dresses, hacked apart pants, and done things with clips, pins, and duct tape that only people who’ve seen me in action can believe.


The Main Thing Is Her Flexibility And Resourcefulness Which Only Comes With Experience….. Like Pulling A Dead Rabbit Out Of Your Hat And Bringing It Back To Life, Only Linda Can Do That!

Charles ``Woody`` Woodliff, Photographer